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Dorosinskiy Anton Yur'evich, General manager, LLC “Research and production enterprise “Sonar” (1B, Centralnaja street, Penza, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The object of the study is the failure of wire resistors caused by various types of defects in parts, components, and materials used in the production of resistive sensors. The subject of the study is the methods used in the analysis of products and materials of electronic equipment. The purpose of this work is to study methods for analyzing parts, components, and materials of resistive sensors to develop recommendations for implementing physical and technical methods in production.
Materials and methods. The study of methods for analyzing parts, components and materials to identify various defects was performed on the basis of comparison and analysis of data obtained during the control of technological processes.
Results. The main types of defects encountered in the production of wire resistors are identified. A systematization of methods for analyzing wire resistors, their components and materials for identifying a particular type of defect is proposed.
Conclusions. The analysis of the possibilities of the considered methods in identifying the prevailing defects allowed us to formulate and present in tabular form the areas of applicability of the considered physical and technical methods for the control of the most common defects. Taking into account the scope and effectiveness of the use of quality control and failure analysis methods, recommendations were made for their implementation in production. 

Key words

control, wire resistor, parameter, material, analysis method, microscope, failure 

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